Topic-Focused Webinars

Understanding Your PAS Survey Results
[2/4/2016] - 59 minutes
Meghan Hardin, MBA, Senior Manager, Pacific Business Group on Health, leads this 1 hour webinar to help medical groups understand their Patient Assessment Survey (PAS) results.

IHA's Value Based P4P Program Updates

[12/9/2015] - 50 minutes
Lindsay Erickson of IHA leads this 60 minute webinar on IHA's Value Based P4P Program. She gives updates on what is changing in the 2016 program, as well as reviews the measurement year (MY) 2014 results.

How Lay Healthcare Workers Can Make a Difference

[9/15/2015] - 1 hour
This webinar will share the importance of lay healthcare workers (LHWs) in the future of healthcare delivery by highlighting 3 models implemented within Allina Health, presented by Melissa Hutchison, MPH and Sochenda Nelson.

Achieve More Through Managing Medical Assistants' Scope

[5/13/2014] - 
59 minutes
Donald Balasa, JD, MBA, and Lizbeth Acuna present on how to manage Medical Assistants (MAs) to acheive more with less. Mr. Balasa, Executive Director, Legal Counsel, American Association of Medical Assistants, shares what an MA cna and cannot do within a medical practice. With 15 years of experience, Lizbeth Acuna of Health Coach/CARE Connect Programs brings her knowledge of the outpatient setting, speaking on how the use of MA protocols has made a positive impact on the care delivery system.

Community Health Workers - Project Concern International & A CHW Program Case Study
[7/28/2014] - 
1 hour 19 minutes
Lisa Bain, MPH, and Emilie Edquid, Community Health Worker (CHW), of Project Concern International (PCI) in San Diego showcase PCI's involvement in a 16 month-long National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute project focused on building Community Health Worker capacity across the nation, including several locations in California.