Intensive Outpatient Care Program Toolkit

Tools and resources for managing patients in the outpatient setting.   

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Clinical Quality Improvement Toolkit

This toolkit can be used to implement changes to improve performance on measures of chronic care management and preventive screenings for commercial, Medicare Advantage, and other patient populations. It will provide foundational resources, an overview of the framework to initiate improvement initiatives, and present three approaches to drive clinical quality improve- ment for chronic disease and preventive care. 

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CQC Complex Care Management Toolkit

The following document is a guide to improving and implementing a complex care management program for individuals with multiple chronic conditions, limited functional status, and psychosocial needs, who account for a disproportionate share of health care costs and utilization. This toolkit summarizes ideas to improve an existing complex care program, or implement a new one. In the document, there are links to numerous resources and tools that you can adapt as you build or test changes for your program. 

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ED Change Package

  • Build will and infrastructure for improvement
  • Use data to identify key drivers of ED use
  • Test and adapt improvements to fit your environment

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Improving the Patient Experience Change Package 

These recommendations may seem intuitive, but they are more than just “good ideas” — a growing body of research and our experience in a California affirms that patient-centered care saves time and money while improving health care quality. 

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TAACT Change Package

The mission of TAACT is to optimize an organization’s capacity to reduce readmissions. Through the TAACT Collaborative, CQC and its faculty work with organizations to develop team-based coordinated care models that reduce readmission rates by improving post-hospital discharge care. 

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