Steering Committee

The CQC Steering Committee is comprised of leaders from physician groups, health plans, purchasers, public health entities and their partners - all committed to the organization's mission.

Membership on the Steering Committee is by invitation and the qualifications are:

  • Commitment to the mission of CQC
  • Collaborative style
  • Sees current state of health care and pace of progress as unsatisfactory
  • Willing to work with other individuals and organizations to advance the goals of the program and dramatically accelerate change
  • Able and willing to act as an external advocate for CQC and its objectives
  • Medical Group representatives should be employed by a plan that currently contributes to CQC programs



Peggy Haines, Co-Chair
VP for Quality Management
HealthNet Inc 


Mike Weiss, MD, Co-Chair
Vice President
CHOC Health Alliance




















* also serves on CQC Executive Committee